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2024 年3 月1 日

自2024 年3 月1 日起,A+寵物美容學院 [A+ Pet Grooming School] 已正式脫離 A+寵物專門店 [A+
Pet Shop],並轉讓至 陳斫佑先生(Mr. Nyle Chan)全權持有。由生效日起,該學院獨立運作,與A+
寵物專門店 毫無關聯。


陳斫佑先生(Nyle Chan)全權承擔A+寵物美容學院的所有法律、財務和學生事務。這包括但不限於


往後,如有任何與 A+寵物美容學院 相關的問題、疑慮或事務,請直接聯繫陳斫佑先生。


                                  [Official Transfer Notice]

March 1, 2024

As of March 1, 2024, A+ Pet Grooming School has officially detached from A+ Pet Shop and transferred to the full ownership of Mr. Nyle Chan. From the effective date, the school operates independently and has no affiliation with A+ Pet Shop.

Mr. Nyle Chan assumes full responsibility for all legal, financial, and student matters pertaining to A+ Pet Grooming School. This includes but is not limited to student enrollment, tuition, curriculum, and anycontractual obligations.

For any inquiries, concerns, or matters related to A+ Pet Grooming School, please contact Mr. Nyle Chan directly.

A+ Pet Shop

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